November 14, 2015


Rebecca and Tim are getting married. To celebrate, Becca’s parents are thrilled to be putting on a wedding where friends and family from all over the world can help them start their marriage off right - with a party.

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Doug and Michelle are excited to host this wedding at such a happy place. Serratto was one of the first restaurants they went to when they visited Portland. It was an instant favorite that they introduced to Becca, and is now a go-to place for her and Tim. 

When:  November 14, 2015 at 6:30pm
Where: Serratto, 2112 NW Kearney Street, Portland, OR
Schedule: The ceremony will begin around 7:15pm. The party to follow will include great food, drinks, music, and dancing. 



Family Cocktails

Tim and Rebecca can't wait for their families to get to know each other and celebrate their upcoming wedding. 

When: November 13, 2015 at 6:00pm
Where: Frank Wine & Flower, 3712 SW Bond Ave, Portland, OR



Tim & Rebecca

Sometimes going to dinner with a group of strangers pays off big time. 

One night, Becca's neighbor Tom invited her to dinner at Olympic Provisions with some of his tech friends. Tim happened to be one of them. After a few weeks of learning how to translate New Zealand English into American English, Becca finally got the clue that Tim liked her. They are planning to raise bilingual children.



Some of them have funny accents, but they are all fabulous.


Rebecca's Lovely Family

Tim's Lovely Family



Tim and Rebecca know some pretty cool people, and have some
pretty great times with them.  

Becca's Family 

Becca's Friends

Tim's Family

Tim's Friends



You can't believe how happy we are that you're coming to our wedding. Anything else is an unexpected bonus!

If you'd like to get us a glass of wine in Italy or a little something for our home, we've found a few things, right here




Please RSVP by October 1, 2015

We'd love to get an idea of how many people are coming, so let us know.
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